In Loving Memory

David Nydam


David Nydam
12-11-60 to 11-18-21

Dave was born in San Diego on Dec. 11, 1960 as the 3rd of 5 children (Jack, Jim, Dave, Sallie and Bob) to Donald and Esther Nydam. The family moved to Moraga, California and then to La Canada when Dave was in elementary school. He grew up in the La Canada schools and enjoyed playing on the football and baseball teams. Dave got his degree in Finance and went to work for IBM from graduation until June of 2020. Dave married his high school sweetheart Linda Bierling in May 1983 and had 2 children, Lauren (married Jacob Hockett and has 2 girls Cathrine and Aoife) and Daniel (married Jessica Benson and has 1 girl Abrielle).

Dave loved spending time with the kids and grandkids and the entire extended family. He also loved golfing and tennis with his friends, fishing, surfing, gardening, teaching Sunday School, leading small group Bible studies, coaching softball and Y Winners basketball, serving on the La Canada Parks and Recreation, serving as an elder and deacon in various churches, traveling, the Dodgers, and learning new things about people he met. Dave’s curiosity about life and people knew no bounds. He was a man of faith who loved God and lived out that faith by loving others. His love for his family and friends and his laughter and joy will be missed by his children, grandchildren, siblings, in-laws, and many friends but we know he has been reunited in heaven with his parents, grandparents, his mother-in-law, brother-in-law and many aunts and uncles and cousins who have gone before him.

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Curt and Kathy Spykstra  -   344 days ago

Dave became a part of our extended family with my mom, Harriet, married Bill's daughter, Linda. We live in CO. so did not get to see Dave often. However, on many occasion we heard about what a wonderful person, husband, father, and grandfather he was. On August 28th of this year we were able to spend an entire day with Dave. Dave and Linda met us in Cherry Valley while were we were visiting Harriet and Bill. Dave insisted on buying Bill a new TV to watch sports on, especially the Broncos! This was a glimpse of the kind and generous person Dave was. He was full of joy when talking about Linda, his kids, and the grandkids. His zest for life was apparent when he talked about travel, VBS, the Dodgers, retirement living, friends and family, etc.. It was evident that Dave was a man of faith and it was central to who he was. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Nydam family!!

Gary Finer  -   344 days ago

Dave is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was always fun to be around. He was a great listener and always had a positive outlook. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him

Jim Kambe  -   344 days ago

Dave Nydam was a very good friend of mine. A simple guy that loved his family, his church and people as a whole, whether it was meeting a stranger or just hanging with individuals he known forever! His family was so very special to him and he loved every minute he had with each of you. He was proud of Lauren and Danny, their spouses and his three granddaughters. For years I have heard all of Dave’s proud updates over lunch or simply sitting around. He cherished the simple moments, splashing around with the granddaughters or sneaking them off to Mickey D’s! Dave had the big family of siblings and loved each of them. The grand vacations with The Don were a highlight of every summer – an opportunity for fun and fellowship but more importantly the opportunity to simple see and spend time with The Family. Dave had even begun the tradition with extended family vacations after the passing of his father, Don. Dave’s love of his church was amazing! He tried to educate this cradle Catholic with his knowledge of the bible and values that had been instilled in him since he was very young. Deep down I am sure he was envious of a religion that has saints to pray to, our own country and more importantly has a Pope Mobile! In reflecting on Dave’s even keeled temperament with friends who we worked with us, many noted never seeing him get mad. They never played golf with him! That and few buttons I would push during the Trump Biden election were honestly the only times I’d see him begin to lose it! We spent a lot of time together over the years, the only time I think he truly dreaded was the technical support – I am very needy in that area. I miss him a lot! Back in the Glendale IBM days, it seemed we ate lunch almost every day at Brand Boulevard’s finest restaurants, especially Hot Wings! Many hours of tennis in the old days seemed to evolve to golf on Wednesday mornings. As we moved into Covid and the great shut down we moved our lunches outside to Memorial Park. He was a regular at our Wednesday, former IBMer lunch. We had a great time at our buddy Joe’s restaurant the day before Dave passed, what great memories! Still don’t know why he never got sick of me, we spent a heck of a lot of time together. I miss him a lot! Dave never failed to amaze with classic statements or questions that as I reflect on them always make me chuckle. At the top of the list has to be – “Why do people live in Iowa?” Sincerely asked of a group of Iowa fans as we waited in a very long security line at the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. Or the Wednesday before Dave passed as he waited patiently for me to come down to his car for a ride to lunch, he struck up a conversation with the TruChem lawn guys working on my neighbors front lawn. “Do you work on this lawn regularly? It does not look like it.” I miss him a lot.